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    From time to time the auto follow stops without a reason. im getting this error for a long time now. seems like it deaktivates itself for no reason.

    i have no clue what causes this. i didnt change anything. only running the addons

    scrap,bartender,jamba,isboxer,autolootplus,bagnon, lootrollmover,gnomesequencer and canimogit

    EU - Madmortem/Proudmoore
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    my only issue with jamba FTL is is breaks way too offten like when i use a slave toon to do the flying back and forth from a dungoen and in the distance from a mailbox in honor hold back to hellfire ramparts I get 1 or 2 toons to break follow but in the case when im flying from ramkaern back to the lost city of tol'vir I get 4 toons to break follow and im on stormrage US server????

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