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    Default IWT positiong

    *edit* I apparently can't spell, positioning!

    I may have missed the formula for this, as some players have some really clean melee going on using 5.
    Besides spamming IWT, we also have toggling.
    From what it looks like on some videos there seems to be a way to turn your character toward a mob/boss without having them move? this is what I'm not familiar with but would help a great deal.

    Can someone point me in the right direction, ..
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    I have a keybind with IWT on keydown and move backwards on keyup, its instant you wont even notice. I have another that does a follow on keydown and move backwards on keyup.

    I wasn't aware there might be another way to do that but there could be.

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    Ahhh that's so simple! I'll just do that
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    If you use ISBoxer, there is a mapped key in the ISB42 - Base Hotkeys called, Face Toward Target, it just needs a hotkey, and ends up doing the above, as described.

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    Yup, I feel silly. Leaving the thread up in shame.
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