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    Quote Originally Posted by Grondir View Post
    Cheers guys.

    With everything I'm reading, I may be tempted to run 3 instead of 5. That way I can see if I can pick up a separate tank and healer.

    Been looking at the Island Expeditions but it looks like they're a pet/mount/AP grind with no actual loot....

    Still not sure haha
    why 3 box? surely 5 would be better? is there something we should know?

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    Yes it was pretty much a wipe. It was super rough in BWL on some of the dragon fights. You had to wait for 5 sunders or so. This is where the Thunderfury shined. That thing could hold aggro like no other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kojiiko View Post
    why 3 box? surely 5 would be better? is there something we should know?
    A lot of the content in BfA is focused around 3 player groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellay View Post
    Being able to do one swipe of aoe and you have almost permanent threat and just kite the trash.
    It isn't my job as a tank to watch my threat. It isn't a DDs job to watch it's threat either.
    If it is part of the boss mechanic - okay - otherwise I prefer snap aggro.

    My job as a tank is positioning the mobs right, watching boss abilitys to move out of, move into, turn the boss, run away or counter with my cooldowns while using abilities to reduce the damage I take while watching out for adds to bind them on me. That is my job, not fighting for aggro against the DDs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz View Post
    For those of you that raided back in Ye Olden Days, if a tank lost aggro, would it run around and one-shot everyone but tanks?
    Usually: one mob in a raid that is not caster would one-shot everything that was wearing cloth and two-shot everything that isn't a tank.
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