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    wah wah wah lol

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    Greetings guy, I have added a feature that allows the quick swapping of Game windows here is a demo vid!

    Demo Vid:
    Poof-Boxing Demo

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    Hey guys new version out now Keen to see any feed-back!

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    The name is very bad, the meaning of "poof" isn't nice and has zero relevance to multiboxing or WoW.

    The 'boxing software looks good, but it comes from a developer of a WoW bot, that isn't appealing to me.

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    Greetings mate, I agree perhaps poof isn't the best of names ^.^

    However it comes from Dota (I know I know) It is a spell from a hero called Meepo and Meepo's signature characteristic is the ability to create identical clones of himself, So in a somewhat strange way I thought it was fitting !

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