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    Default upgrade suggestions

    Hi all,

    so i have not upgraded my pc since MoP, so far it has handled most things. but i have about £1000 to upgrade my pc and trying to decide which route to go.

    my current PC is :-

    AMD FX-6100 Processor
    ASRock 970DE3
    16 gb DDR3 @ 2000mhz
    Geoforce GTX 660

    I am thinking along the lines of 1070/ 80 (this will take up a third of my budget alone! )
    was thinking about a Ryzen 7 and at least 16gb memory, I have a 120gb SSD HD and a 1TB HD.

    I want to be able to continue to 5 box quests, maybe dungeons in BFA.

    many thanks in advance


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    I don't really know if you can upgrade the entire computer for only £1000 since you need a CPU, motherboard, RAM, a GPU, and then probably a PSU.

    Maybe this?

    That's just what I threw together in 2-3 minutes of looking at lists of components—there's no CPU cooler, I don't know much about the motherboard, and it's missing some other components that you said you were carrying over.
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    Sorry if i missed it, but have anyone multiboxed 5 characters in BFA beta? if so, how is the RAM usage? (supposedly it will increase).

    Will 16 GB be enough, i wonder.

    I tried running 5 on live just now, all on lowest settings, 1080p. It used up around 10 GB of RAM.
    Thats with all the addons i want to continue using all enabled.
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    Thanks all,

    just to clarify as my understanding of PC components has dwindled over the years, the more Ram I can get in a GPU lightens the load on the CPU? or am i way off the ball there? I would have tried to go for a bigger GPU and upgraded the ram on current PC, to see how that performs, but don't want to waste money on buying extra DDR3 ram, if I do have to go for a DDR4 motherboard!

    I need to pull my PC out and check the component as i beleive i have either a 600w or posibbly 750w PSU as replaced it a couple of years ago.

    thanks again for input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougie700 View Post
    the more Ram I can get in a GPU lightens the load on the CPU?
    Not at all. It means that the GPU can do more processing without as many loads/reloads of textures, and can handle higher pixel counts per scan. The system RAM requirements can actually increase with a more powerful GPU, especially if you turn up the bling, but for the most part, usually just because as games move on, they store more stuff.

    A quick look at the one stop shop, shows
    a 1070TI is currently available for £424. Seems a good price compared to a standard 1070,

    They have a bundle on the MB/CPU/RAM/Cooler

    Total ends up at around £1150, which is over your stated budget, but it does cover all the main bits. From your description you should be able to move the other items over. Not sure on PSU, mainly as I haven't had an AMD for many years, but they are supposed to be standard connectors these days, and even the newer Intel i9's didn't change the PSU specifications.

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