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    Default Isboxer and Innerspace character sets not being deleted

    I've created so many teams that I decided to delete a few Character sets in isboxer but when I come to innerspace the sets that I deleted are still in innerspace...

    How does one delete the sets in inner space too?

    Im sure before they deleted the same time..

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    Export to InnerSpace will update the profile settings reported in InnerSpace. If it does not, then that usually means the Path to InnerSpace saved in the profile is not correct (you can see it by selecting the top ISBoxer node in the top left of the toolkit). It usually also means there are multiple installs of InnerSpace, and the one being updated is not the one you are running.

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    ISBoxer Toolkit just edits the configs. As Bob says, you have to export it before InnerSpace sees the changes.
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