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Thread: [BFA] World pvp

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    Quote Originally Posted by tchallaaoc View Post
    full melee kitty w/ vendor pets. hmm... i like that sound of that. UnknownsTM or anyone else, mind sharing how the vendor pet iwt works and which vendor pets can be used?

    Sure, the concept isn't too hard at all.

    Basically, a few pets, namely the Ethereal Soul Trader and Alterac Brew Pup are interactable. The trader acts as any other vendor and the Pup gives you a drink when you interact with it. It is worth noting that once you receive the drink from the Brew Pup, it will seize to be interactable until the drink has been removed from your inventory one way or the other. The way we got around this issue was to have full bags so you could not receive the drink, and the pet would thus remain interactable.

    So, since we know that Interact With Target sort of counts as a keybound click, we can use it in combination to having Click-To-Move enabled to send your characters walking towards any interactable target. If we do this with the pet, which should most commonly be right next to the character that has it pulled out, your other characters essentially be moving towards where that character is, creating the sudo-follow effect.

    How you would choose to set it up is dependent on how your team functions, but often people would set the pet as focus and have a mapped key that would make their character target their focus (i.e. the pet) and use IWT. Alternatively I suppose a /target macro might work as well, which would leave your focus free to used for anything else you might need it for.

    I will however point out that it is no outside the realm of possibility that the pet-follow will be nerfed in the WPVP phasings/areas, just like it was in Ashran and BGs later on, so it really it is not something you should count on being there as a given.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    follow in ashran was because of multiboxing (or though they did not say it they said we saw having follow was going to be a problem)

    But really all they been aiming @ is pvp
    Right, so one other thing in the last five years, and, as you point out, it was related to PvP.

    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    Same thing with "WarMode" follow works but as soon as your in combat, then follow "dies"
    We talked about this in Discord, but I'll just bring it up again for those who weren't there.

    Blizzard could outright kill the follow command if you're in War Mode, but they didn't, and instead decided to dance around it. Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
    Blizzard could outright kill the follow command if you're in War Mode, but they didn't, and instead decided to dance around it. Why?

    If a multiboxer tag teams down an NPC or PVE, it isn’t directly “hurting” a real players experience? But 5 on 1 in the new PvP world would cause a huge outcry?

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    They probably didn't kill it outright because many, many pre-mades make use of it to keep the group together when not actually engaged in PvP in areas where it still functions.

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    It is interesting they disabled follow in wpvp for warmode. Using ranged dps as long as it works when not in combat. I think we can still be effective and it shouldn't hinder playstyle too much.
    If I'm in combat casting and I need to get closer to the mob or spin my team. An IWT combined with a movement a moment later to break it places me back into position.

    If they do kill it outside of combat though will be a sad panda.
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    Has anyone tried this in Warfront / Island expeditions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zartok View Post
    Has anyone tried this in Warfront / Island expeditions?
    Warfronts are pve. So follow is fine.. ( It's just like lfr)

    Islands are pve mosty pve, The PvP ones you would be in the problen all PvP combat is....
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    So we wont be able to get the 15% xp bonus if we place of self in warfronts?

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