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    Default Consensus on the most efficient way to level post 7.3.5

    Is boosting 4 lowbies w/ a 110 more efficient than running a team post 7.3.5? I'm just starting to get my teams to 15. I have a 110 Blood DK on my main account w/ 4 fresh RAF accounts. My plan is to level 5 teams: Hunter, Druid, Paladin, Shaman, and Mage. all accounts have heirlooms.

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    They specifically targeted people who boost to slow them down.

    MiRai and Svpernova have been leveling teams, some videos here:

    I too would like to know the best method, which changes for every level range it seems like. I am guessing you'll mostly be questing, run each dungeon once for the quests, then back to more questing.

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    Dungeon running with a 110 is probably still the fastest but that means you won't be able to level the 5th member of each of your teams.

    Multiboxing quests Pre-WoD is quite frustrating because many quest items cannot be interacted with/looted by more than one character at a time. Even worse some quests can't even be turned in by more than one character at a time forcing you to sit there and wait for whatever RP is associated with the turn in to finish so you can repeat it... 4 more times.

    Running teams that can insta queue for dungeons is theoretically the fastest avenue but the nerfs to heirlooms + the changes to scaling can make trying to 5 box dungeons yourself very difficult and time consuming as well.

    So yes, I'd say dungeon boosting with a 110 is the least frustrating and probably fastest avenue but then you have the issue of not being able to level all 5 toons in a team at once (can be alleviated through RAF level grants) and running into the 10 instance per hour limit.

    Once you get to 90 and can head to WoD I'd switch to normal 5 man teams without a 110 booster and just do Bonus Objectives + treasure hunting + the odd filler quest here and there (if you have WoD flying).

    The 7.3.5 leveling changes are, in my opinion, terrible and make leveling almost as slow as it was in vanilla.
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    Thanks! My main account has multiple boosts available, so the 5th toon being left behind isn't that much of an issue.

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    Edit- Ritley covered it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGabriel View Post
    MiRai and Svpernova have been leveling teams, some videos here:
    Any leveling I did during the Automata series was done with 300% XP RaF, which is no longer a thing.
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