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    Default Optimal builds - recapping, checking to see what I've missed

    Looking at this from a PvE perspective, with the goal of being able to bring them along on LFR/Normal/Heroic raiding content

    5x Blood DK

    It appears popular flavor right now, extremely amazing self heal. Unsure if this transfers into BfA with a lot of abilities being removed. May not transfer well on raiding content.

    5x Hunter
    Very bursty but fell off for higher mythics. Does well for raids since ranged dps. Lacks heals.

    4x Hunter / 1x Resto Sham
    Was my go to build and did amazingly well. The pets allow you to skip triggers on some boss fights, and was able to clear current raid content with Void using the same setup. End up stopping wow during that timeframe right when this was taking off and succeeding.
    Never pushed the highest mythics but it should hypothetically be able to do what the Blood DK team did.
    caveat, I want to try something "different" even though I know this works. They also appear to be at the bottom of the list for DPS currently.

    5x Locks
    Same as the hunters, but it looks like they may have been buffed some. Switching to 4x and a healer may work?

    5x Paladins
    Appears to have lost some flavor, similar to the DK's just can't push as high.

    5x Druids
    This is the team I'm eyeing and currently working on. It gives you Options! If you want to go the holy trinity route, you got it and you can choose ranged dps or melee dps. If you want to instead go on a raid you can do 4x boomkin with a resto healer and not be an issue for the team.
    The problem I am running into though is both Feral and Boomkin dps require a bit of micromanagement if you want to get at 80%+ effectiveness on DPS.
    I love to use the lazy macros, or takes pieces of it and work some magic using Isboxer to get it down to minimal keys for DPS uptime while focusing on the rest of the encounter, but this is what concerns me. Otherwise would be happy with this team.

    5x Monks
    I've tried it in the past briefly and just wasn't happy with the results - things may have changed. The WW monk does great dps on paper, the brewmaster is a great tank, and the mistweaver should be amazing at heals. It all hypothetically should work!! It just didn't when I tried it. Also less options for raiding.

    I'm hoping BfA does away with the class halls, which will then make mixed teams not such an additional burden and really open up things.
    I'd like Shamans to get back into the mix.

    So ultimately out of all of this. I really want a Druid team to work and push Mythic 15+ but from watching the videos we have to compare to, I'm not sure that team can pull it off. It seems the damage soak is pretty high and dodging with an entire team in melee isn't realistic.
    Hoping others can chime in and maybe see some potential in different sets.

    Lasty what I am constantly struggling with is you can get a hunter macro to work with BM and it'll run almost full potential, so if they are parsing at 1.7 mil sustained, your going to get close to that.
    I fear even if the Druids parse at 75%, we're looking at 1.3-1.4 mil maybe even worse and you have 3 DPS instead of 4 pure DPS. Not sure what I'm gaining except it being a true combo that won't fail if mechanics change such as pets being unable to tank.

    To further that idea!! whats the easiest melee to parse highly with, as the Druid Tank + Druid Healer has been a strong staple for a while.

    Thanks for reading, lots of stuff /questions in this.
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    Right now on bfa and looking kinda getting the feeling there doing with is burst is just going flat out. Solo tanking will be something of the past without a healer they can not last as long as legion.

    From a few dungeons I done I have to say they defo got m+ in mind and look as fun as "cata" and the dam esports in mind!

    Right now am thinking druids as well. With resto affinity becoming better (seems to be a support role for 3 man islands)
    That you might get away with 4 boomkin and 1 bear..

    The only other class that looks like it might be fun is the new demo lock.

    Nice post though
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    I couldn't figure out why BM hunter always listed on the bottom of the charts. Their DPS to me is amazing, better than any other class I have boxed legion. Just easiest to box as you suggest I guess.

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    I also had good luck with 2xDruid (Guardian, Resto) and 3xHunters, though I'm thinking this round I might try Druid tank, paladin healer, 2x hunters, 1 Warlock. The lack of so much class specific content (I'm hoping) will allow a little more diversity, bringing in things like health stones, soulstones, lay on hands, divine blessings, etc.

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    I always loved the combination of a shadow priest and affliction warlocks. You could have tanking pets, ooc-rez, battle-rez and a decent healer when needed.

    Additionally the combination of DOTs and Channeling spells of shadow priest and affl. warlocks matched perfectly for macros.

    maybe it is worth a look for the next addon.
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    Not sure how far fpsware got but he was running locks in heroics and at least one mythic a while back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz View Post
    Not sure how far fpsware got but he was running locks in heroics and at least one mythic a while back.

    Back in the days I played a team of three. Therefore I wasn't raiding or running HC/M+.

    I played a team of 1 shadow priest + 2 warlocks, sometimes 3 warlocks.

    I enjoyed old RaidContent (Transmog) hunting RareSpawns, farming and exploring areas that were stuffed with elite enemies and not meant to be played in. Sometimes I joined some friends for instances.

    I quit with WOD because of the Garrison phasing and didn't return in Legion because of the same problems within the OrderHalls although playing the WorldQuests and hunting down the RareSpawns would have been a lot of fun.
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