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    With buff coming back do you think it is better to take different classes ?
    I'm new to multiboxing and i'm thinking about creating a full tank group for mm+. Should i take 5 differents classes or get only one.

    I read that a lot of poeple use 5 dkblood or 5 palaprot. What are pro and con for those 2 ones ?

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    Everything will be easier to macro in BfA, we might see a return to mixed class trinity setups. But since its end game that usually determines our team setup we have to wait for the multiboxers in Beta to tell us how the fights are.

    I have learned to love my 5 pali tank team, it can queue anything, cant die. I hope I keep them for another expansion.

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    Would not worry about buffs to much many classes don't have. Nothing like wotlk or cata even

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    I love my 2 sets of Dk tanks but like John said you can Q up as a pally team but not as Dk I am working on my Pally team as well.

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    There's only 3 buffs besides haste from what I can tell, and the buffs are 10% and last for 60 min. There are items you can use instead that buff for 7% and last for 30 min. It shouldn't hinder too much on what you want to play as a stacked group usually performs better than a mixed since they will all have the same style of movement/dps.
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    Mixed are fun if done right am thinking pally tank or druild priest hunter warlock sham atm

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    Mixed is definitely fun. Also helps that you are then no so dependent on one class being buffed/nerfed.
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    Mixed is fine. Just weigh the pros and cons of each to see if it's really worth it.

    For example I now run 3 warlocks instead of 3 hunters for DPS as the warlock utility is far better for multiboxing. Even if the hunters do some things clearly better (like mobility for BM) this advantage is dwarfed by healthstones, ports and fear bombs.

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