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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskimz View Post
    The problem with this is obviously the WoW windows have the same name
    Only if you haven't used when you start up to give each window a unique name..........

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    Yea you're right I actually do have a section in the script where it grabs the 2 instances of WoW and assigns 1 as the main and one as the clone:

    I'm just gonna post my script so you can see what I'm working with:

    ; For Dual-Boxing World of Warcraft
    ;    by Rests (aka Eskimz)
    ; // Tell user what is about to happen upon start-up //
        SplashTextOn, 250, , Preparing to find your Main and Clone windows of WoW. 
        Sleep, 250
    ; // Grab unique window IDs //
        WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft
    ; // Minimize All WoW windows //
        WinMinimize, ahk_id %wowid1% 
        WinMinimize, ahk_id %wowid2% 
    ; // Determine Main and Clone Windows //
        WinActivate, ahk_id %wowid1% 
        MsgBox, 4, , Is this your WoW Main window? (press Yes or No) 
        IfMsgBox Yes 
            idMain = %wowid1% 
            idMain = %wowid2% 
        If idMain = %wowid1% 
            idClone = %wowid2% 
            idClone = %wowid1% 
    ; // Activate All WoW windows //
        WinActivate, ahk_id %idClone%
        WinActivate, ahk_id %idMain%
    ; // Defines the ClonesPush function //
            global idMain
            global idClone
            IfWinNotActive, ahk_id %idMain%
                ControlSend, , %strKeys%, ahk_id %idMain%
            IfWinNotActive, ahk_id %idClone%
                ControlSend, , %strKeys%, ahk_id %idClone%
    ; // Defines the ClonesClick function //
            global idMain
            global idClone
            IfWinNotActive, ahk_id %idMain%
                ControlClick, , ahk_id %idMain%, , %strKeys%, NA
            IfWinNotActive, ahk_id %idClone%
                ControlClick, , ahk_id %idClone%, , %strKeys%, NA
    ; // Hotkeys // 
        *^l::Suspend                                ; //  Ctrl + L        Suspends AHK
            WinSet, Bottom, , A
    ; // WoW Hotkeys //
        ~RButton Up::ClonesPush("=")                        ; //  RClick Up        Interact w/ Target
        ~^WheelUp::ClonesPush("-")                        ; //  Ctrl + Wheel Up    Interact w/ Target
        ~r Up::ClonesPush("r")                            ; //  r
        ~r::ClonesPush("=")                            ; //  r
        ~+g::ClonesPush("{Shift Down}g{Shift Up}")                ; //  Shift + g        (Follow)
        ~Space::ClonesPush("{Space}")                        ; //  Spacebar        (Jump)
    Should be easier that way so you have more information.

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    I actually know very little about AHK, just what I read on the site, and a quick squizz at the source.

    A quick look shows me that I'd be inclined to create an Object and use that to store the game window ids as I found them, along with renaming window titles (and storing that too), and then use them in the Tab key to determine which window I was on, push that to the bottom, and then activate the next one in my list (if I can I like to set it up for expansion to more than 2).

    I've not tried this, and having a quick read of the needed commands, it's not as trivial as I'd like to do this in the AHK script, but it should be relatively easy to create a couple of functions to be rather helpful to the whole process.
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