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Do you happen to have a source on this?

While I'd be delighted that there would be some way for us to try this game out, I find it odd that a company would specifically set up servers for this purpose alone. I get that there could be an incentive to do so, if there is enough interest, but drumming up enough interest is a bit unlikely until it's more definitive than "we might do it".
EQ live classic servers do this and EMUs have "box..true box ( meaning one account per PC) limited boxing.. like only 2 or 3 etc.. or no boxing allowed. So i am guessing they are talking about this.. but its not documented.. it was mentioned in a dev rountables. They have never said 100% How they will deal with it. The best you can get out of anything they have said is that IF they allow it, they will want to make sure boxers follow the play nice policy type thing. You would have to go to youtube and listen to the many dev roundtables and google multiboxing in Pantheon to get the info.