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    I had it happen again sunday. this time i was in a dungeon. i had been playing most of the day on and off with no issues. I decided to go into Zul'farrak for some transmog stuff and i had all the bosses killed except for the last boss, i noticed that there were still corpses on the ground. turns out slot 3 and 4 stopped attacking/looting sometime before the hydra boss. seems completely random, maybe something to do with loot a rang. cause i dont remember this issue until i started using the loot a rang to loot.

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    Thought i should update:
    havent had any hotbars locked since 21 of april. Been farming like before, around 3 to 4 hours daily on average.

    /Knock on wood.

    I did get a odd one last night: my internet didnt loose connection, but all of my games all of a sudden logged themself out, directly to the logon screen.
    Thats a first. /tin foil hat

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    We not talking about the hole ui going missing right??

    Av never seen action bars lock up i use bartenner4

    Has anyone tried turn off all addons? Resetting/rename wtf and clearing cache
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    I'm still getting them regularly, have you changed anything before you noticed they stopped happening
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nezreck View Post
    I'm still getting them regularly, have you changed anything before you noticed they stopped happening

    The only change i have done: im pressing the buttons more rarely. Instead of mashing them up to several times a second at short periodes, then having a longer break: i now press like every 2 ++ seconds. Its a relaxing pace that suits me. I get less loot, since i kill less mobs, but this is the only way my body is able to cope pressing the buttons reguarly to avoid fatique / pain.
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