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    Default Returning boxer looking to fleet-up

    after reading about the new (to me) CCP crackdown on boxing, is it worth getting back into eve to box if I don't use broadcasting?

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    re-imaged my gaming rig last night, followed the github directions and everything works. Excellent guide

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    I think it depends on your goals.

    Most pve activities you can do comfortably without broadcasting and the time you save by bringing more characters often is worth the effort in my eyes.
    I never really fought other players aside from bashing structures with drone boats. But its also helpful for that.

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    Not sure what you want to do, but if you ever decide to do incursions or pi advice I can help you with that.

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    I haven't played in so long, im not sure where to start, lol
    I have a booster pilot caldari 40mil sp(warfare links are gone? reading up on the changes) a carrier/blops pilot caldari 50mil sp, and a pvp pilot gallente 20 mil sp.
    Last time with the corp we had just moved into a wh for mining. i've lived in lowsec, but I couldnt get them to commit. I have a nice nestegg of ISK, so I don't have an immediate need, and I have a nice 'fleet' of ships as i've inherited all of the defunct corp assets -no capitols, but a couple of orca's.
    I'd really like to get into fleet ops/blops but i dont have a problem sitting recon on a gate, boosting a mining fleet or hauling. I was training last for jump freighter. But I would need to play the padawan for a while to get up to speed.

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    is eve uni the best place to re-start?

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    There are noob groups for nearly every facet of the game now, just take your pick.
    EVE Online Get Ships. Train Skills.

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