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    Quote Originally Posted by Toned View Post
    So what are we 10 boxing? I mess around with 10boxing every expansion for early raid trash farming BOEs and some boss fights.
    The emerald nightmare first dragon with 10 pallies for example was access to easy gear to push mythic+.

    Personally I stood up a second 5 man team to do previous tier raids. Something that's still impossible for a 5 man team regardless of how well you play.

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    Well... the "one pc setup to rule them all" dream of running the upcoming 32 core amd cpu, 128 gb+ of ram etc, and a 32 gb gfx card took a small dive... lets just say its cheaper to run multiple pcs.

    Check out what this shop wants for the 32 gb gfx card

    (14k us dollars)

    I'm not sure how well a 32GB card handles performance. This GPU talk while my CPU is choking. Seems the one PC to rule them all is going to be a $6k+ machine and water cooled at that.
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    You mentioned you had up to 8 running in dalaran so 8 boxing seems a good option for you. You'll be able to run them all from the same which is a plus and its also the minimum number of people to get guild credit for raid kills.

    Stand still farming would suffer from missing two, but you'd be able to complete current content.

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    If your pc and wallet is up for it, try add 2 more characters (1 from a new battlenet account each): this way you will be able to get mounts and also flying in the upcoming bfa. So if you one day decide to increase your team and maybe add another pc or two, you are up to speed, so to speak.

    And you will have flying etc unlocked up to 24 characters

    And in offtimes...when you are really bored, take the two characters only and complete flying in wod and legion hehe, while ofc standstillfarming on your other toons at the same time

    *Wod is easy enough.
    *Legion is ok, except the loooong repgrind at the end. A little bit day by day doing mostly those world quests.

    Alternativ random example:

    Run 2 x 4 mans

    1 bn 1
    2 bn 1
    3 bn 1
    4 bn 1

    5 bn 1
    6 bn 1
    7 bn 2
    8 bn 3
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