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    Default Jamba[8.0] released or should i say UTBCJAMBANCEMA

    The new ver of UTBCJAMBANCEMA is out!

    I know i said it should be with the start of 8.0 BFA prepatch but i really wonted to release it today!

    Jamba Version: v8.0.1(0130)
    Game Version: 8.0.0
    Release Date: 01/04/2018
    ## Core
        - Renamed Jamba to UTBCJAMBANCEMA ( Used to be called Jamba Now called EMA )
        - Added everyone to a new channel again so you can see who mutiboxing on your realm! (because who did not do this!)    
        - Added a really Long Setup Wizzard! But its full of Pontless art:
        - Changed logo to match the new name!
    # Modules changed     
        - Removed Taxi and Mount Modules - really who used taxi anyway....
        - Added new Module "Interaction" because everyone like to Interact in "stuff"
        - Removed JambaAdvancedLoot - noone used 99% of the addon and somone coded ( While .... Do ) JUST BAD CODED! - Dev Note: There is like 50 other loot addons out there pick one!
        - Added back in Jamba-Target (because it seems 1 person in discord used it!)
    ## Team 
        - You can now name your team something cool! < just fun i guess maybe ill do somthing with it? maybe?? 
    ## Quest
        - Now forgets to pick up quests 95% more! But will olny be one character in your team so you have to go all the way back to do the quest again! - Dev note: you was watching questwatcher right, right??
    ## Interaction     
        New Module:
        - Added Mount Support
             -- still the same one, Still does not work with the level 1 mount! - Dev note: i don't know does it really need to work with that level 1 mount i mean you olny use it for 20 levels anyway!?
    ## Toon
        - Why should it only tell the team when the character mana is low 90% of classess don't even use mana so added the warning to: - Dev Note: noone asked for it but why not!
            "RAGE" > if 100% 
            "FOCUS" > if 100%
            "ENERGY" < if 50%
            "COMBO_POINTS" > if you have 5 or 6 or whatever!
            "RUNES" > if you have 5 or 6?
            "RUNIC_POWER" > am not sure so i just picked one
            "SOUL_SHARDS" > if you have 5!
            "ECLIPSE" > if 100%
            "HOLY_POWER" > if 100% ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALF View Post
    i cant click the downloadlink

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    The download link worked great for me.

    Just a little bummed it costs $49.95 now but still worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    Renamed Jamba to UTBCJAMBANCEMA ( Used to be called Jamba Now called EMA )
    It's about time you made that change. It rolls off the tongue nicely (as long as you're fluent in both Tagalog and Arabic), and it no longer reminds of smoothies.
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    Thanks for the fun ofc this was a April fouls joke gotta have some fun!!!!
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