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    Default Questions 5 boxing - multi-realm? easier order halls?

    Hi, I have 5 licenses of WoW and legion that I bought in January just before the nerfs, I'm plucking up the courage to actually use them now. I've got a few questions.

    Firstly, my aim with 5 boxing is to do low level mythic dungeons solo, and also to try to have them generate enough gold to be self sufficient in terms of monthly fees. As a bonus, if I got more gold from them I could pay for some BfA licenses. So I'll probably want to set up the order halls and get gold missions churning on all characters, as that seems to be a more stable source of income in-between patches, although I don't mind trying out other things too.

    I really can't be bothered leveling 1-100 at the moment, so I'd like to make the most use of the 5 boosts I'll get with Legion, and so I was considering making characters on different realms so I can get a second team of DHs for free. What caveats should I be aware of with a multi-realm team?

    That being said, I might as well RaF the accounts in case I want to level another team later. What's the trick to making the loop? (A>B>C>D>E>A)

    Any suggestions as to class combination? Which classes have an easier time getting their Order Halls maxed out with a boxing team?


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    I think, that you cann´t link RAF to different realms. ie. RAF characters have to be on the same realm.

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    Don't you also have to had linked them before the nerf to be grandfathered in?

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    You don't have to be on the same realm for RAF, I used on on a PVE and PVP server to level my mages and pallys.

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    They nerfed the garrison gold mission a couple months before the release of Legion. If they do the same for the order hall gold missions before BfA then there is not much time left for easy tokens.

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    Good point regarding the gold missions.

    Regarding RaF, it would of course not be grandfathered, but the current benefits are:
    - 50% experience bonus (useless because I have heirlooms) for two characters in a party and near each other, regardless of server
    - 10% reputation buff
    - granting levels - for every two teams you level to 90 you can get one bonus team to 90 (does not work across realms)
    - summon a linked character in the same group, as long as that character is below level 90, once every 30 mins (not sure about cross-realm, let's assume not)
    - 30 days free game time after you pay for one month

    I think the main advantage for me is the game time. Plus, I get one month of game time on the WoW licenses, so I'll get:
    30 days (WoW license) + pay for one month + 30 days RaF = 3 months for the price of one, on the new accounts.

    So I can either use up the Legion upgrades on throw-away accounts and just get 5 boosts on my existing accounts, or use them on new accounts and keep those accounts with 2 months free game time on them.
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    I came across this Class Hall Gold Missions guide:

    It has a list of classes from best to worst for the sole purpose of running class hall gold missions.

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    Before you use the 110 boost - make a 100 try out first: you then get the lv. 3 draenor garrison unlucked. If you ude the boost right away on a toon - you have to unlock all draenor stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lessan View Post
    I came across this Class Hall Gold Missions guide:

    It has a list of classes from best to worst for the sole purpose of running class hall gold missions.
    That's got some decent info but this is a much better Order Hall guide on actually setting it up:

    EDIT: Actually I just read his ratings and reasoning in its entirety and basically I completely disagree with most of what he says. Work Orders for Follower Gear rarely return anything useful and take 12 hours to complete and he completely ignores the fact that classes like Druids and Monks have Order Hall abilities where followers (Any follower) can return from a mission with follower gear. You get WAY more follower gear from these than from the work orders. He also never mentions followers who return with Vitality Restoring items which are, and this cannot be understated, huge when it comes to saving you OR. And for Druid specifically, he doesn't mention Broll Bearmantle, who reduces the costs of missions he is on, saving tons of OR as well. Druids have one of the best Order Hall setups, not one of the worst. He also never mentions items that increase mission success chance. Mages probably have the single best OH as they get Vitality Restoring items, WQ completion items and Mission Success Chance items.

    I'd ignore his rating scale. He's not taking into account a ton of stuff (I have 35 Order Halls up and running across my 5 accounts).

    Oh lord, he advocates getting the troops at T7 instead of the 7th champion slot. No... just no. Never do that unless you plan on simply recruiting them initially, and then using Vitality Restoring items to keep them alive indefinitely and you then switch over to your 7th champion slot (though thats a huge waste of OR if you ask me)
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    Thanks, that guide is really useful.

    I also came across this thread just now

    Has a few useful tips, like enchanting boon of the bloodhunter on heirlooms for alts, and a summary of which quests to focus on when leveling an alt for order hall gold making.

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