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    Default ISBoxer WoW Macros - Handling Levels


    Getting back into wow and working through the isboxer pro system setup. One of the things I decided to do this time around was to keep my macros in ISboxer rather than in game.

    Wondering how people are dealing with different level characters in macros? A couple of solutions come to mind, including ATGs that designate what level range a char is in and then driving the macros with conditional logic, but wanted to make sure I wasnt overlooking something easy.
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    I just end up rewriting/tweaking them as I go. Frankly, sometimes a single spell changes the rotation timings so much that there's just no easy way to add in a step and be done with it.

    That said, if you just want to cast things in sequence regardless of whether a single spell fails or e.g. is on cooldown, etc., just add them to a series of steps. A mapped key step failing will not block like a castsequence spell failing. The caveat is that you can't easily put things in a direct sequence in steps without using the somewhat arbitrary "do not progress to next step for x.x seconds."

    A lot of people use the Gnome Sequencer addon to control everything as it "works around" spell failures. I keep waiting for that addon to get PNG'd but so far it's still available.
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    I do this for defensive CD cast sequences (as they don't work if you're missing a spell in the middle)

    Basically what I do is us a macro to create an invisible button frame and then put macro text in that fram based of the level. This means you have to press this "initialization macro" every time you log in/level.

    Then you can /click {Button you made} for the actual key

    For example, my macro to make the button:
    /run local f,t=VDefCDs or CreateFrame("Button","VDefCDs",nil,"SecureActionBu ttonTemplate") f:SetAttribute("type","macro") if (UnitLevel("player")<32) then f:SetAttribute("macrotext","/cast Divine Shield") elseif (UnitLevel("player")<50) then f:SetAttribute("macrotext","/castsequence reset=60 Divine Protection, Divine Shield") elseif (UnitLevel("player")<70) then f:SetAttribute("macrotext","/castsequence reset=120 Ardent Defender, Divine Shield") else f:SetAttribute("macrotext","/castsequence reset=120 Ardent Defender, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Divine Shield") end
    Then to actually use the defenseive CD you have a macro that is:
    /click VDefCDs
    But all of this is a little annoying and pretty time consuming, so I would usually just manually edit macros unless you believe you'll need it to level several groups.

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    That is a pretty fantastic setup, Danthon. Personally I'm far too lazy to setup intricate systems for leveling and just level with half of my stuff setup until I actually hit max level, but for those mass-leveling toons, that could really be a great way of handling the changes while leveling.

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    I have always just used the level 100-110 version of their macros while leveling. Yeah most of them don't work and throw up an error message now and then but I figured the leveling process was so quick and easy why bother?

    But that was then, I could power level a team in under 24 hours. Now, with the leveling changes, I don't know what I'll do.

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