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    Default World Quest Tracker Macro

    I would like to create a macro that would create new group inside the addon World Quest Tracker once my toons are in range of the world quest and the small black box pops up asking to search for group or create new group. Is this possible?

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    There are various party macros, guess I must be misunderstanding exactly what you are looking for.

    A macro such as this will leave your current party:
    /script LeaveParty()

    Or have the leader use this on every slot:
    /uninvite PlayerName

    You can then do this for every slot:
    /invite PlayerName

    More than 5? do:
    /script ConvertToRaid();

    I am not sure if it can be done from within the addon but also see no reason why it should have to.

    I am guessing you are doing it for the same reason I do. I put all 10 of my toons in a raid so I can fly there using dual-mounts, then once there I split into 5-man groups so they get credit for the quests.

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    Tyvm for your reply I reread my previous post and realized I didn't explain myself very well lol. Inside the addon world quest tracker, you are able to create a group, which then fills up cross realm to complete the world quest you are on. I go to the world quests with my five toons, and then leave my multiboxing party, and have them create their own individual groups because the quests get completed so much faster this way. Inside the world quest tracker addon is an option to create that group by pressing a button on a black box that shows up in the bottom left corner. If there were a script of some sort I could write, I would be able to create the groups on all five toons at once and save some time. I hope that explains it a bit better lol thanks again

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    Well not sure about that specific addon but if the button is named you should be able to macro it.

    In chat type the following:

    Now you can hover over the button and the name of the button is displayed in the Framestack frame.

    Then you can create a macro on each toon:
    /click NameOfActionButton

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    THAT is exactly the info i needed! TYVM

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