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    Default So this happend today! 90 characters

    Nice to see multiboxers team up!
    This is what we get when a 55 boxer (rizzy), a 24 boxer (ribbs), a 10 boxer (me) + pain the multiboxer, team up!
    Some of the screen shots we made.
    There will be a youtube vid later.

    Server handled this well though .. minimal lag and without freezing up

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    Multiboxing 10 accounts!
    2 mistweaver monks - 8 Elemental shamans

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    Huh, that gives me flashbacks of WoD. Good times...

    I knew Ribbs was around still as well, but never run in to him anymore.

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    Ya hoping bfa will be a good laugh

    The q is can wubsie kill rizzy with 55

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    WoW very nice, Cant wait to check out the video =)

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