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    Default Understanding the legality

    I am trying to understand whether or not the window management setup I have is allowed. CCP has said the following:

    "Matthew Reddy wrote:Can i use ISBoxer for window management as long as i do not broadcast?. Can i get a clear answer on this.

    Yes, window management, of unmodified/untampered EVE Client windows, is allowed using ISBoxer or any other applications/tools. (see:"

    My current in game setup has my hud placed all the way on the left. I have then resize the window to make it less tall. This is to the point where I have a, short, yet long, horizontal window which has the hud on the left. Then I cascade the windows and fit about 6 per row on my screen.

    My understanding is that I am not using Dx Nothing or Video FX or broadcasting. My understanding is that I am only managing my windows without modifying/tampering with them. Is this fair - or is resizing the windows considered modifying/tampering with them?
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    If you send me a direct PM so as to not given intel to CCP, I can tell you if it's legal or not, and whether CCP can detect it or not.
    Wanna earn your customer's respect? Go to bat for them. Defend them and what they do. Don't roll over on command, and don't punish them for being human beings. And no, this ain't aimed at CCP.

    Keep pretending you care about EVE ISBoxers and not just their money, Lax.

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    I have PMed you, but to be honest I don't want to do anything that is against the rules, even if they supposedly can't detect it.

    Maybe I will just keep full windows, but smaller versions. The main reason why I was trying to cascade/make them shorter was to improve performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzsaint View Post
    I am not using Dx Nothing or Video FX or broadcasting
    Then it sounds like you're using a very basic setup and abiding by their rules.
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    I think it is becoming pretty hilarious that they still havent made a transparent policy on multiboxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sothis View Post
    I think it is becoming pretty hilarious that they still havent made a transparent policy on multiboxing.
    No broadcasting, no manipulating client views. How could it be any more transparent?
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    I suspect "transparent" is being used as a substitute for "easy to locate", however I think I had to use 15 keystrokes to find it. Which, as you already know, has the interesting section where "patterns of play" which allow you to accumulate in game items faster than others can get you banned, even if you are playing solo, with nothing other than a 1 button mouse, but you can move it really fast and have the reaction times of a granny winning the bingo.

    I also noted in the TOS, you aren't allowed to create lag by dumping bodies or cargo in space, and they can ban you for that too. Kinda seems harsh. I always imagined a space sim would allow a lot of dumping in space. It's what it's for isn't it? A big dump.

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    I ran a lot of vanguards. some ganks and some wormholes with this basic setup.

    Primary screen

    second screen (to my right)

    My booster and hacker/ore pilots were on the secondary machine which had a screen to my left.

    Basically I only really used isboxer for window and cpu management. My videos were posted all over the official forums and CCP at the time had no issues with me while they were banning other people for using stuff like videofx and round robbin mouse clicks.
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