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Thread: Orca v Skiff

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    Got the mining itch again, am back with 6 accounts at the moment.

    I have 6 perfect miners, 2 of which are also skilled orca pilots.

    Not doing anything too ambitious, just kicking around high sec at the moment unless I get really into it, at which point I will probably go look for a corp.

    That said, anybody mining in orcas? I am mainly looking for low maintenance and gank resistant.

    Currently have 2 groups of 1 orca + 2 skiffs so I can split systems and try and be less of a target.
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    Being properly tanked you will be less of a target. I've never seen orca ganks of good fits, they usually nab the shitfit ones.
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    Apparently EFT is dead, new to Pyfa but trying to figure it out.

    Throwing a fit in there now, assuming I didn't do something terribly wrong, 421k effective HP while still using 2 mining drone rigs and a drone nav computer for speed.

    Oh this is with the shield boost implant, but I think that only moved it ~11k EHP so probably not worth spending the money for what I have in mind.

    I tried adding an armor boost as well for additional tank but it didnt make much of a difference, too low of an armor hp pool I guess. I dont know if any of the agility / etc boosts would be worth while for the third spot.

    Also dont know if there is anything else useful I can throw in a high slot.

    Anyways, just noodling around.

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    I mined most of today with my 2 orcas, just on and off. Not a mind blowing yield, but enough to make it worth while and not a ton of effort.

    The convenience factor cannot be overstated. I think I am going to skip the bursts altogether, I dont think its going to make the difference and there is an ammo cost involved with running them.

    Wish there was something else useful I could put in highs.

    Other 4 are training for orcas now.
    Currently running 10 miners in Eve Online.

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    the ammo cost for command bursts is negligable, but if you have barges/exhumers with your orcas the extra yield you get will far outweigh the cost of charges. You can also try out the Porpoise while you're training alts for orcas.
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    Absolutely, I was referring to running the shield command burst when mining solo in the orca, dont think its worth it. For sure running mining boosts with barges in the belt.
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    Just picked up my 3rd orca, 3 to go.
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