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    Default Building up 5man DH teams for Pandaria World Bosses.

    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to this multiboxing community and I have a question for you. I plan to start doing MoP World Bosses with teams of 5 DH so that would imply leveling 5 DK to lvl 70 on new servers then creating DH on those servers and deleting the DK to free up the 50 max chars per account limit.

    Does anyone know what the optimal route for this would be right now after the leveling nerfs ?.
    I tried leveling in Howling Fjord, but the question is atrocious ... especially when you get one of these pick up 10x ... doing it on 5 chars is really insane .

    Did anyone try to do this and has another hint ? should I go all Blood spec and try to 5 tank dungeons ?


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    After all these years... the only mounts i ever got while multiboxing was ruhkmar and horridon. The others i picked up on main character within around 50 kills. I still lack sha of closing in on a total of 8000 kills. Zero luck. You are better of getting good at making gold and having a goldcapped character at the bmah vendor and hope you win a mount there

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