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    Cool Private Perpetuum Server - Try it!

    Hey guys!

    Not sure if you've ever heard or played Perpetuum. The official servers are closing this month and they have released a private server software.

    Perpetuum is very multibox friendly (and free). If you haven't tried it, how about joining another boxer's server? The combat and industry/production is very good. Graphics are a bit low, but you can run 10 clients on your machine easily!

    Server is now open to all, listed as "Farmer's Server" - for lack of a more creative name currently.

    Need the client for ISBoxer?
    LEGALLY you do need to buy this game 1 time @ $5 on steam, and can duplicate the steam install directory as many times as you want to run clients. However, some people don't want to run steam's services/overlays, so for a non-steam client (and for those who have purchased before Official died), here is a link to the client. You MUST legally own a copy of the game to use this!
    Dropbox download, just extract and play, this was a fresh install and copy (as that's how you run multiple clients)

    Need help?
    Me on steam or discord username: "rrfarmer"

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