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    Those multiboxers who don't farm, how do they even pay for their multiple subscriptions?

    Broken off from another thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radical Redemption View Post
    Those multiboxers who don't farm, how do they even pay for their multiple subscriptions?

    i think its called a job, and live in moms basement (JK to be fair £50 is not a lot if you don't drink/smoke or stuff i know people at work that spends double what in a week on drink/cigs)
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    I broke your post off from the farming thread since it changes the discussion quite a bit.

    Now, I'm not sure if your question is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, or if this is a serious question, but $45/60/75/90 a month isn't a whole lot of money for someone with a standard amount of income, especially since multiboxers have been paying for their subscriptions out-of-pocket for the decade prior to the WoW Token even existing, although plenty of people still pay for them without tokens (including myself).
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    Certainly some people can't with certain obligations and restricted incomes couldn't afford to multibox, but then, they probably don't have the necessary computer hardware either. Kids without jobs may also find it difficult.

    If you break it down, it's around $25 per week, or approximately $3.50 per day. That's a takeaway coffee per day. So, if you can afford to buy takeaway coffee, rather than instant or using the free coffee machine at work, or that bottled water, rather than from the tap, or even other things, like buying your lunch at work, rather than taking sandwiches or leftovers or something from home, then chances are, you can probably afford subscriptions for multiboxing, with an adjustment here or there.

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    For some like my nephew he is married he has to sneak the money. He does things like say his haircut cost $40 when its a $12 barber cut. Then uses that money to pay for video games.

    Doesn't matter how little it costs, its video games so his wife wont let him spend much on it.

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    I don't blow my money on clubbing, starbucks, haircuts, premium shampoo, or 250 cable channels I never watch. I paid extra on my car so it's been paid off for a while, and I don't keep a house payment's worth of organic, twice-rinsed, gently-picked, hand-washed vegetables. It's all about the choices.
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    I 20-box when I'm not too busy with real life, and can pay for them all on a decent salary.

    Like Ugh, I am cheap when it comes to the things I don't need. I have a mortgage, contribute to RRSP and TFSA (Canadian) and not much else.

    Tokens have helped, but honestly it's more time-efficient for me to just work another freelance gig for or do some overtime at work than farm for 20 hours a week to get the same value in wow gold

    That being said.. I do spend my gold on pretty much only tokens, so when I have the gold available, I buy them in bulk.. why not

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    I seem to be in the same boat as most people.

    I have decent (not amazing by any standard) income, but my expenses are not massively high even if I am currently the sole bread winner in the house hold with my fiance staying home with the kid, so I'm left with a bit of disposable income at the end of the month to spend on multiboxing. As long as there are no massive unexpected expenses, I'm fine paying for my accounts with real life money.

    I did farm gold previously, but I have limited time to play so I'd rather spend it playing rather than farming although I do do it every now and then while watching a movie or when it's just completely broken like at the opening of Antorus. All the gold goes towards tokens and some ingame goodies like mounts.

    I really don't see how people tend to believe multiboxing is so expensive. 5 accounts, which is still the most common amount I believe, is very easy to afford for anyone with a half-way decent job in the western world. At the most expensive option it would be 65€ a month... That's like buying one console game per month. Or a meal for 2 at an OK restaurant. Or a gym subscription and supplements for a month... Not to mention quite a lot of people would not blink an eye at spending that on a night out drinking at a bar.

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    i have a pretty good job, I have plenty of gold to buy tokens but I don't I buy 1 year game time sub from a friend of mine for around 100.00, why because I can =) Its all about choices and what you love to do I love going to the gym , meal prep, working on my yard and and multibox , I meal prep every Sunday for lunch and dinner, don't spend my money on stuff I do not need , CHOICES once again .

    Ps I normally only multibox 3 now boxing 5 accounts

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    I am 41 and been retired for 5 years now and more than anything I value is time. More importantly is time spent with family/teen daughter. I always have tried to be the most efficient with my wow time as well. Time spent farming gold is very inefficient especially for tokens. Perceived value from farming gold gives the players a certain feeling that they are getting something for nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most players are young and unaware in the value of time.

    I have been fired now for 5 years and I hope you all get fired as well.

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