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    Default Prot pally highest attempt +12

    Been lurking a while so thought id post my fail on +12 darkheart thicket.
    Dresaron destroyed me once again. Devs need an acheive,ent title for that named.

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    This information was very helpful tho..

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    hes a problem only on tyrannical. you should use the shoulders, so you can horse the first wind, then just AOE bomb the second one. (just let the wind take you to a wall, let the drakes spawn, wings, and bomb.)

    use hero, wings, pots, etc. on pull, and wings should be up again by the time second wind comes up.

    @940ilvl - 950ilvl he shouldn't be a problem up to 15ish. on tyrannical you should just downgrade the key and roll another one. similar to court, kara and triumvirate... fuck those places 9+, specially on tyrannical week.

    the trash leading up to him can be a problem (depending on the affixes), but that's really all there's to him, just trow ilvl at him and he will melt. tanks scale like monsters past 945ilvl (78 traits + ), should be doing 800k - 900k dps per tank.

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    Sorry for late reply. Back to work fun. Definitely going to give that a go tonight!

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