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    Default The Nighthold - Skorpyron

    I did it!

    It took atleast 10-15 maybe more attempts to get him down, but I did it!
    Team setup is 6 BM Hunters, 2 Holy Paladins, 2 blood DK's.

    No big deal for many of you who run all tank setup, but for me this is one hell of an achievement because of the setup i'm running!
    Ilvl scales between 840-890.

    Proof: (edit: is still uploading it seems)
    I can't seem to upload the image with the forum tool ... (insert image)

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    Good stuff.
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    Very nice work man
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    very nice work i had this boss on farm for some time now. Both my lock teams did this.

    I was going to try the ToS 1st boss but never got around it,

    i know this boss is a bit of a pain to tank, if you tank him with real tanks!

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    Lol nice, congratz dude! I lack of DPSes now, cuz i've got only tanks, but im gonna try myself aswell.

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