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    Default Software Recommendations sought by returning multiboxer

    Hi All,

    I ran a team of five elemental shaman back in TBC using Keyclone. I didn't use DPS or healing rotations; I just put the same spell on the same hotkey for each of my clients. The most sophisticated my setup ever got was to provide a hotkey for each character to make that character the master. These hotkeys would rearrange all of my client windows and set the focus of each character to the new master (this was how I directed healing). Interacting with the world and accepting quests was done manually, one character at a time. I ignored all trade skills.

    I'm planning to start again with Vanilla WoW, initially on a private server ([Redacted]) but ultimately on [Redacted] when it launches. I used to be pretty handy with writing macros but I'm worried that the limitations of the vanilla macro engine will frustrate me so this time I want to put as much of the logic as possible into the key broadcast software, possibly with support from in-game addons. I'm running Windows 10 and all clients will initially run on the same machine.

    What software would you recommend (key broadcasting, automation and addons) given that I'm happy to pay for it if necessary? Initially, I looked at HotKeyNet (it was randomly stumbling on a HotKeyNet tutorial video that re-piqued my interest) and I like it's simplicity. However, I'm not sure that it's sufficiently powerful to handle my automation requirements. I've not looked too closely at ISBoxer because I find it a bit overwhelming to be honest. I'm also not sure how well it handles vanilla WoW.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    We can't help you with the private server aspect since those are against the Blizzard TOS/EULA.

    ISBoxer is the most powerful tool out there and it does come with a bit of a learning curve. I can tell you now that because private servers are running who knows what code and API versions it's likely to not be compatible or incredibly frustrating. You're better off multiboxing on live servers.

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    Well that told me but point taken.

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    Although ISBoxer can be intimidating at first, the basic wizards do a pretty good job of giving you moderate functionality with minimal effort. MiRai also has videos that explain how to set things up (even more complex things), making the process even easier.

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