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    Default 5x prot or trinity?

    So I currently MB 5x Prot Paladins, I got to 47 quite fast (i dont use RAF), however I am starting to notice it gets harder over time, positioning is being quite bad and sometimes I wipe, and I am wondering what would be better...

    Currently I am running:
    5x Protection Paladins

    What I had in mind:
    1x Shaman Healer (BL woopwoop)
    1x Tank (Problably Paladin)
    3x BM Hunter

    My plans are:
    - Word Questing
    - M+ Dungeon Farming

    I wonder, since alot of you guys have done my "plans" before what's the best way to go for m+? Paladins, or Trinity?
    Team 1: DH Tank - Druid Healer - 3x BM Hunter

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    5 Prot pally's can very much to world quests / m+ farming and is pretty much unkillable + really easy with a one button macro but everything dies slow

    - pro : you have 5 pally tanks and can switch around drops to other toons makes them easyers to gear up

    -cons : everything dies slow specially m+ bosses can take a while + some m+ can be tricky with some affixes

    if you switch around to the healer + hunters combo you just do quests dungeons alot faster

    - pro: higher bursts damage everything dies alot faster
    - pro : battle ress from hunter pet if needed

    -con: bit harder to set up but with some macros it would be a good team
    -con: pally might slack behind on gear since hunter/ shaman can share gear with eachother

    since your on my realm aswell hit me up on bnet UnknownsTM#21874 or gimme a poke on isboxer discord if you need a hand

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    Thanks alot for the response, i have decided to go for 2x druid (guardian&resto) and 3x BM hunters, to keep rotation simple, and have at least 2+ of same armor type for endgame loot-sharing.

    I will add you when I get home from work. ^^
    Team 1: DH Tank - Druid Healer - 3x BM Hunter

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    Okay, so I been looking thru my characters and I realized I already have several toons (and even twinks) on 100+ so I went for the following setup:

    1. DH Tank (Currently Level: 102, ilvl 848) (Twink)
    2. Druid Healer (Currently Level: 100) (Fresh Legion boost)
    3. BM Hunter (Level: 101, ilvl 829) (Twink)
    4. BM Hunter (Level: 101, ilvl 828) (Twink)
    5. BM Hunter (Level: 100) (Old WoD PVP Toon)

    So I only have to get artifact weapon done for 1 hunter and the druid and then I can jump into leveling in legion dungeons and skip all previous expansions right away, quite excited for this. ^.^

    I was playing horde so didnt really look back at my alliance chars, but it seems im going ally with this setup since all toons are in place and ready to rock!
    Team 1: DH Tank - Druid Healer - 3x BM Hunter

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