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    Default Jamba Issue after character transfer


    I'm having a strange issue after character transferring 2 toons out of my 10 box setup ..
    I already reconfigured jamba from scratch by adding all toons + realm in the jamba addon.
    Remade the team in ISboxer in hope that it automatically syncs with Jamba.

    Following problems:
    when I do /jamba-team disband, 4 toons stay in a party of their own.

    Follow status bar does not show green for the 4 toons when following.

    Is jamba not working cross realm if the toons are not in ur party?

    So toon 1 is on realm Alpha. (party 1)
    Toon 2345 are on realm Beta (Party1)
    Toon 6 is on Alpha (Party 2)
    Toon 789,10 are on Beta (party 2)

    does this sound to anyone familliar?
    Mirai responded in discord already, but I'm hoping to reach Ebony.

    May the spirits be with you!
    Multiboxing 10 accounts!
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    Jamba can not talk over realms, as such. so as soon as the party goes comms with die this is down to blizzard

    Unless the realms are linked with connected realms there is little i can do.

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