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    Hey there!

    Been doing some LFR's lately and risked to go to the new ones from antorus.
    they are doable by 2 boxers.
    But solo they are just impossible imo.

    Is it just me or do they do this on purpose to make it boxing-unfriendly?

    any progressions from someone else?

    Multiboxing 10 accounts!
    2 mistweaver monks - 8 Elemental shamans

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    I doubt Blizzard considers multiboxing for encounter design at all. It's a stretch to say that they would build them specifically to inconvenience a small, ultimately somewhat insignificant portion of the playerbase instead of just designing what they think would work for the majorit. It's simply that encounters are more and more movement heavy and there is less focus on micromanagement of your spells and abilities to maintain good output.

    I tried the first part with another 10-boxer, but for some reason it felt like we were not doing any DPS. My 10 BDKs were bringing it down considerably faster on normal mode...

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