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    Question Current tier Raiding

    are there any regular raiding groups for multi-boxers?

    im running a main team of 5x prots 943+, i also have Hunts @930. can also gear cats/moonkins or Locks. (my main interest is Xmog)

    at current tier normal mode 10x prots can easily do enough DPS to beat enrages, but fight mechanics can be a bit tricky.

    anyone wants to do some raiding? im mainly interested on working with another 5xboxer and doing some progression/farming of raids.

    im at Kiljaeden US

    btag is Spriggan#1312, playing time is usually from 1pm PST to 7pm.

    i also do all the old tier stuff, and old exps, mainly for transmog and quests.

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    Sucks that we're different factions. I have a team Prot Paly, Frost Mage x3, Resto Shaman all around 930 ilvl that would be neat to learn from and work with.

    I'm kind of new though so still learning how to control my team in raid encounters, where those pesky puddles of death are much more punishing (for me).

    Hope you find someone to group with

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