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    Default Gearing up fresh 110s.

    Hello everyone,

    I recently got a few more characters to level 110. However, by trying to do world quests with them, it's becoming odd since some of them will get left behind.

    With the characters I have now (15), I split them into groups of 5 and then just do the quests this way. Is there a more effective way to be doing this?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I normally go broken shore and get 850 gear from and then do wq after and mix in augos but broken shore rares can be done in a raid and then buy token gear probs the fastest for 875+ wq to show.
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    I just suck up that the first week on Antorus will be torture :/
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    I've been messing around on my team for a while now - with the new wPvP changes I've been doing pretty well other than healers. As people are starting to hit 960 now I'm probably going to have to try and gear up some!

    I've got 7 toons at ilvl 900 and one at 920.. the 920 has a huge boost.

    Just a quick Q - is doing new island, buying token gear @ 900ilvl and hoping for RNG proc the best way to consistently gear up 8 toons currently??


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    Don't overlook hcs and base mythics.. you can get some nice titanforges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    Don't overlook hcs and base mythics.. you can get some nice titanforges.
    What do you mean by hcs and the base mythics?

    The dungeons or older legion raids?

    I'm currently;

    1x Protection Pally 930
    1x Protection Pally 910
    6x Blood DK 900-910

    The Pallys can swap between Holy/Protection - I run Protection as they seem to look after themselves (not as good as the blood DK but they still have good utility and DPS).

    Just played an hour and cleared the new WQ, got enough tokens to buy a new piece on each toon after handing the embisarry in so I suppose it's not too bad. Just hate hate hate the maps in the new place, always get lost!

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    The current dungeons on hc and base mythic.. for new 110's it can be a nice way to grab gear.. also world dungeon quests sometimes award a mythic item.. and you can even do that on normal dungeon.

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    Cool, are the new base mythic going to drop 900+?

    I've not really done M+ for Leigon to be honest.

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    Base is 885+ so not sure what the highest possible ilvl roll can come out as... but for new 110's it's not a bad way to grab some gear... then you can look at mythic+ also raidfinder is pretty ok.. I got a 925 set bonus cloak the other day on my Hunter.. I do raid normal and hc as well though by making my own pugs.

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