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    Default Blending in with the locals. (RP Server)

    I play on an RP server and try my best to fit in (while multiboxing). The group is all night elf and is comprised of a Priestess of Elune (leader lorewise), three druids, her advisers, one monk, a DK (traditionally shunned in Night Elf society, but in a past life was a bodyguard to the priestess) and finally nine Sentinels (who are transmogged to look like Temple of Elune guards). I'm still working on it, but people have been pretty open and curious as I RP with them as unit. (All names follow RP rules as does the guild name Azshari Thor, which roughly translates to Azshara's Fury in Darnassian). Just a different way to multibox I guess.

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    This is exactly what I would do if I rolled on an RP realm as a multiboxer. Using ISBoxer, I'd set up multi-step Mapped Keys so that my team could act out things—whatever I'd come up with—and others could watch. Very similar to the small RP segments of some of my prior videos (1 | 2 | 3).
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