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    Default Anyone instance boosted toons recently?

    I've got one or two teams that I didn't level in the pre-Legion event and I'm looking at boosting them via instances. Has anyone done it in 7.2 or 7.3? Have there been any changes to xp from dungeons? Is there a quick way to farm up the 3x xp potions?
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    I tried going through a dungeon with a level 110 and 4 freshly made characters, it looks like the xp malus they get from the one high level character isnt worth the time in completion speed that the team gets from the level 110.
    Xp looks like its 1/3 of what you are getting when you bring 5 characters with the appropriate level so i went back to this.
    This might be because i still have Raf active?

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    there must be a reason why people offering dungeon boosts from level 101 twinks

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    I just activated my 4 other accounts last week. My main is a prot pally. I think about 930s.
    I did the first zone with quests to 101 and was not liking it.
    I have stuck with instances ever since. They are at 108 right now. They have heirlooms that give me like 50-55% extra.
    Though, I am powering through the instances. I am using it to tweak my setup. I try and make a few tweaks each day and get a little more optimized.
    I get about 120k xp from the dungeon completion.
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    I was doing this a long time ago, and the idea is that you would pull as much of the instance as possible, and kill them all quickly with aoe. (tanks work the best for this obviously) I would get about 1 or 2 levels per instance, and this was with RAF bonuses.
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    I'm currently boosting my teams from 1 - 46/90 and with RAF bonus i use about 3 hours to get them up to 46.

    I'm running Dead Mines 10 - 20, The Stockades 20 - 31, RFD 31 - 35, RFK 36 - 46. *3 hour mark
    At my first team I also did Sunken Temple 46 - 60, Blood Furnace 60 - 68, Nexus 68 - 77, Blackrock Caverns 77 - 85, Temple of the Jade 85 - 90. *11 hour mark.

    Without RAF the times would be about x3 i would imagen. So 1 - 46 9 hours, 1 - 90 33 hours. Not sure how much time you would spend lvling a team from 1 - 90 dungeon spamming, but I think it would be faster rather than boosting the team with a single character.

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