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    Default Wondering about partying with a multiboxer friend

    I currently box 2 accounts and play with a friend that also boxes 2. I'm thinking of going to 5. So I'm wondering if there is any way to make sure 2 parties end up in the same instance.

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    What instance are you refering to here? As in world phasing? Invasion points?

    I had no real issue keeping my 3x parties of 5 in the same world phasing. Start of the expansion was a bit worse, even with less toons, but now they more or less always ended up on the same shard. This might be realm dependant though.

    As far as invasion points, I found it took some convincing at times. the most consistantly guaranteed method of forcing the same instance was dropping my groups outside of the portal, taking 3 toons in, checking they were in the same instance and having all of them invite 4 others and having the rest enter.

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    I'm referring to open world content. Often when we meet in Dalaran or the Argus ship we don't see each other until we party.

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    all depends what server you on . big servers have multiple phases but like open world like argus you can easy do the elite kills ( quest with dragon icon) and invasion points in a raid group and still get credit.

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