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    Default HotKeyNet PiP script help plz

    Hey guys! Im going to be raf leveling with my girlfriend and im trying to get Hotkeynet to work properly and its hard as shit. I cant afford isboxer which ive previously used and its much easier.

    But I need help with with a 2560x1440 PiP script, I want a smaller screen in the bottom right of my 1440p monitor and I cant seem to get any script to work properly.

    So could a kind soul please provide me with a 1440p pip script and also a 1080p pip script for my girlfriend.


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    What exactly isn't working with it?

    The sample PiP script on the hotkeynet page isn't that complex to modify to your monitor's resolution, but I would imagine that you've already seen/tried it. You kinda need to give us more to go on than this.

    Also, I have a bunch of ISBoxer time codes that are about to expire, so I went ahead and PM'd you a few 30 day ones so if you choose, you could just go with ISBoxer for a while as well.
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