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    Default It's been a long time

    Ok to early to say for sure, BUT... Who else is hyped for boxing on vanilla servers? IF they keep the game like it was back then combined with the new boxing tools and'm hyped. But I'm not getting the hopes up to high.

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    I think boxing will be way more powerful then it was back then. Because there are many more of us and we all have learned a lot since then and >>ISBOXER.
    That is why I'm afraid it wont be true classic, and they will keep /follow out of the BGs
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    Well, I was wondering about this. What classes might be fun to play in vanilla. Maybe 5 hunters would be good. Or a shaman and four sword rogue for windfury silliness. What do you guys think?

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    no guarantee things like IWT will migrate to a classic server that didn't include it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pearldrake999 View Post
    True, when was IWT added?
    I'm fairly certain that it wasn't around in TBC, so Wrath?

    I would assume they more or less use the current engine for the classic servers, with all the mechanics and limitations that are in place on live servers. Just roll back class mechanics to more or less what they were in Vanilla. With some fixes ofc, since a lot of things were completely broken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wubsie View Post
    I'm fairly certain that it wasn't around in TBC, so Wrath?
    early wrath no? first time heard about it when kromtor destroyed the 5s ladder with dk/ret

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    Pretty sure IWT came in with WotLK

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    I might try it if it's already included in the sub otherwise not sure what the point is. The game has come so far since then. I can imagine it would become boring very quickly. Back then it was fun because it was new and it was also going somewhere. Now its old and going nowhere. I miss the old days of wow but it won't be the same now.

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    They said that it was classic servers, so based on that wording I imagine it'd be another server option with the sub.

    So, lets say IWT isn't introduced I guess the casters would be the ones that would be boxable and maybe hunters?

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