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    Default 71 months since Eve Online; Want to Come Back...

    Hey folks - Had some very cool discussions with some folks a number of years ago on Eve Online. Hoping to jump back in and accomplish the following.

    - AFK or semi AFK mining or whatevever "safe" money making operation to feed small group/lone PVP operations with others.

    Any help is really appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tchallaaoc View Post
    AFK or semi AFK mining
    High sec.
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    @EaTCarbS. Am so newbish, when you say High sec, what type of operation within High Sec are you recommending?

    Thank you.
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    Go mine in nullsec with a big group (TEST/Goons/Panfam) with good intel channels and defense fleets. Skill up for multiple rorqs and thats your best semi-afk mining isk/hour. True AFK and walk away is pretty much hisec only, but people will still hunt and kill you there and the isk sucks.
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