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Thread: Here's Johnny!

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    Default Here's Johnny!

    Hi all!!!!
    Been playing other things / enjoying my life lately

    Yet this stupid addiction keeps knawing at me and im worried it may win...

    Anyhow been looking to get back into this crackpot mess that is Eve and was considering doing something different than the vanguards i used to run - mostly due to the increased plex prices...

    I want to parse the following questions with a disclaimer or two:
    Im on my phone sorry for bad formatting
    Ive done some basic forum and reddit searches but want yall expertise anyways
    Thanks very much before hand

    So due to plex prices and my ever increasing search for the afk method: are afktars / vnis still a viable source of isk that can be scaled up to multiple accounts? Any tips as to region of nullsec that might be good for this endeavor (thinking which region of space escalations will be easier to do)

    Thinking of moving my main out of lowsec if i come back and stick my head in some null for a bit.

    Sorry if this was hard to follow

    Thanks very much

    E: to be a little clearer, wondeting specifically about recent content patch that makes afktar/vnis redundant etc, thanks
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    VNIs/Ishatars can be a viable sense of income. Gurista space is generally better due to natural resists on the Ishtar.
    Vanguards are still decent ISK. You can even get in with some communities in highsec who will take you on grid if you upgrade to faction BS.

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    afktars are still a thing, but the big bucks now is multiboxing rorquals.
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