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    Default new to multiboxing - wow

    Hello I am new to multiboxing. I decided to try ISboxer because it seemed to be the easiest (at this point idk lol) so i followed so many guides but I just can't get the 2nd wow toon to do anything :/ I am not sure what I'm doing wrong and if theres a setting somewhere I missed.

    But in truth most guides I've found werent that useful. because I would make the toon set up page then it should of worked i guess. if anyone knows anything. It'd be amazing to help. I really do want to get into multiboxing (trying it on 2 accounts for the moment to see exactly how it works before moving onto a larger scale)

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    FIrst off, what are you using to multibox? ISBoxer? HotKeyNet? Something else? That will help us guide you to the right...guides.
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    He did mention trying ISBoxer so we can assume that's what he is using.

    So... your game clients are launching fine, but once you get ingame your secondary toon is in unresponsive? First things to check would be that your keymaps are on and that the ISBoxer add on is enabled on all characters.

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    GAH! I totally missed that.

    I presume you've reviewed this one to make sure the basics are good?

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