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    Default RaF Suggestion (WoW Forum)

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    The entire post was very clickbait-y, so I changed the title. It helps to give context into what you want to discuss, on this discussion forum, rather than just be vague with a link to an external site.

    With that said, I think Blizzard has already given you the solution to the proposed issue: Recruit more people if you want to "re-activate" the Recruit-a-Friend benefits.

    Now, what I think would be a better solution, is just simply having 300% XP potions in the store so that you could buy them whenever you need to. They could probably be sold in time-increments, like 1/6/12/24-hour... or something like that. I have no doubt that Blizzard would make a fortune off of such potions. I say that I think this is the better solution because: 1) re-activating RaF benefits would surely not be free of charge, and 2) renewed RaF benefits would only benefit a very small amount of people, whereas XP potions, would benefit many more.

    What I'll also quickly address is the fact that some people may believe this to be "pay to win," but I strongly disagree. Yes, you're paying money for something, but you aren't winning anything. There is no race to get to max level, and being at max level doesn't win you anything—not everyone wants to experience every single questline for the 72nd time, or run <insert dungeon> for the 484th time. "Pay to win" is a phrase (or acronym (P2W)) that gets thrown around way too leisurely when any sort of payment of real world currency is involved for the exchange of in-game goods, but unless there is a clear-cut winning move that the transaction gives a player, then it isn't P2W1.

    1 There is also "pay for convenience," which can get out of hand and become "pay to win."
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