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    Default Question regarding WoD / Legion gated flying

    Good day. Having been away from WoW since WotLK, I just read about flying for subsequent releases, and discovered that Blizzard has built an intentional time sink around WoD and Legion flying.

    Q) It appears that with the 3 week - 1 month grind for each gate, that the most time is spent in faction grinding. I think.

    So, since I have found that wearing a faction tabbard while running dungeons can VASTLY ramp up the faction grind, does this mean that I could possibly reduce the time sink to a week or so each per expansion? I Hope.

    Q) Or do people just say F the forced grind and just ground travel to Legion instances? I hope not.

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    Faction tabbard for rep has been out the game as long getting flying for gold after you ding.

    you have to do daley quests to get rep or the catch up tokens that was added in.

    you only need to work on flying for one toon per accont/bn and after that alll your chars will fly in the zones/xpac.
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