Just wanted to let you guys know my experience so far with Invasion Points on Argus.

First, the smaller ones will take at least 20 toons. It appeared as if there were 25 people inside (me, 20, plus 5 randoms), but it could go above that.

Second, the larger ones took the same as the smaller. It appeared as if there were 25 people inside.

Third, I got loot whether I was in a raid or a group or solo in both larger and smaller. It appears loot, including veiled argunite and argus waystones drop irrespective of group/raid/solo.

Fourth, I got exactly three pieces of 930 loot from the weekly boss on 20 toons :/ At this rate... Ugh. It'll take forever to get decent gear from them. On the upside, I was able to 'solo' the boss with zero deaths running 16 Blood DK and 4 Holy Paladins.