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    Default Any recommendations for a new mmo to play?

    Hey folks,

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a new mmo to play?

    I've played WoW almost exclusively for the past 10+ years with a try at Eve, SWTOR, Rift etc. Looking for something new to play, more than likely single boxing.

    Anyone played Albion online, or Bless (although the whole Korean only thing may be a bit of a problem) or The Secret World: Legends....

    Just looking for something new to play...

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    I love War Thunder. It is not the tradition MMO but I am a huge military buff and if you are just going to single box you might want to give it a try. Also the game is free to play so if you do not like you do not have to worry about losing anything except a little of your time.
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    I play WoW when i want to box and Elder Scrolls Online when i want to solo. IF you prefer Fantasy games, and story driven.. ESO is the best Fantasy "action" style combat MMO out there IMO. They add constant updates and have changed for the better since its, less than stellar, launch.
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    I've looked at ESO loads of times. I'm a big fan of Skyrim but heard horror stories at ESO release.

    Is it much better now? Does it justify the £40 for the Morrowind expansion?

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    You dont need to buy any DLCs if you pay the monthly sub..but if you go FTP, then yea.. i think its worth it. But there is so much in the original game. if you want to go FTP, i would just do that and see if you like it. IF you like it, pay the sub.. the perks are well worth it.

    EDIT: I guess Morrowind is an expansion and not DLC.. you do have to pay for it.. but i would wait and see if you like the game. the DLCs are all free with a sub.

    Also, my in game account name is @Lyonheart333 if you try it and want to add me as a friend
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    Cheers matey.

    I may give it a shot this weekend after work

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    The Secret World (TSW) is a blast to multibox. I multiboxed 4 characters and loved it. Only problem was some of the story content is solo only, just have to park your other characters until you complete that story line quest and do them one at a time. Other than that I never got any complaints from anyone about multiboxing and actually had a few people chat with me so that they could learn to multibox TSW also. Further down in this subforum i posted how to setup the /follow command in TSW, because no one knew how to do it and i finally figured it out. I'd suggest playing thru on one character and seeing if you enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, HAVE FUN!!!

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