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    Would have been cool to get a notice that inner space was broken before the patch, so i could have stopped my accounts from resubbing.

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    Take your time and do what needs to be done.. Ill be off enjoying Path of Exile while waiting. I appreciate all of you that develop tools and enhancements that make all of our boxing lives a little less complicated!!!

    Thank you for your hard work, not just for the patch your currently working on!!!!

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    Is it going to be working today ? Another new day still waiting like everyone else.
    As I asked earlier, is there something else we can use instead ? - time its fixed I probably be at work and cant play again waaaaaaaa!

    Anyway appreciate all you do for us boxers with the software, sorry to be a nuisance in waiting - just DESPERATE TO BOXXXXXXXXXX!

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    For those who refuse to visit the ISBoxer forum to get updated information on this issue, I'm going to force you to visit the ISBoxer forum for an update to this issue:

    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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    My keyboard would like to thank mirai for the infusion of coffee
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    Hey, Lax. I've been boxing since BC and i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your hard work and time rushing this fix out. Thank you, i hope you see this, and i hope you're recovering well.

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    With development build 6194 now here and testing out okay on all the games I currently have installed on my laptop, I think it's safe to call this one just about finished.

    This will go live pending additional testing and confirmation from users across the supported games.

    Thanks everyone for your support
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