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    Default maximizer issues

    So, I'm aware that keyclone is no longer supported and that this post is quite a long shot, but I'm so insanely attached to that software that I thought I'll try and see if anyone has any ideas!

    Keyclone still does it's main job of cloning keys just fine - however I can't get the maximizer to work anymore and I'm out of ideas:
    Used to run fine under Windows 10 for a good while, I can't tell if a windows update or wow update "broke" things but for a couple of weeks now the maximizer won't maximize anymore.
    Using the wow.exe for the command results in the window just opening in full screen on screen 1 - using the wow64.exe for the command ends up with a grey error window showing in the desired region on screen2 and the wow window opening on full screen on screen 1. ( to give you an idea of what's going on)

    I'm not the most tech savvy person so I went through a ton of old maximizer forum posts for similar (or even different) problems and tried the following steps:

    - removing keyclone and reinstalling
    - running keyclone as admin
    - running wow as admin
    - running wow in different compatibility modes
    - tested if reinstalling wow and keyclone on a different harddrive makes any difference

    and that's pretty much all I could find that I could make sense of so far. no changes.

    Any ideas what else I could try? anyone with a similar problem?

    I resigned myself to switching over to a different software and gave ISBoxer a try for a couple of weeks and was amazed and overwhelmed by the possibilities - but I'm really really attached to keyclone and if there's any way for me to get the maximizer to cooperate again there'd be tears of joy..

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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    Revert to running the 32bit version of the WoW client and it should fix that, if I'm reading your post correctly. There's a way to do that but I can't recall how. A quick internet search should yield the correct procedure.
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    thanks a lot for the reply!

    I gave that a try just now, unfortunately - no change. 32-bit client has exactly the same issue

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    There was windows update which did something funky with all the windows. It broke HotKeyNet too IIRC. This might be the cause.

    There is some stuff on the solidice site regarding the maximize which indicates that you need to make sure that Keyclone knows that wow-64.exe is the underlying program, or you need to be forcing the 32bit WoW somehow when you launch it, otherwise when you run wow.exe, wow will auto jump to WoW-64.exe, and then KeyClone wont detect it. No idea if all this still applies though as there was a follow up post indicating someone not being able to get it to work (this from 2016).

    to fix this, go to keyclone/setup/command-editor and change the program from wow.exe to wow-64.exe

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    thanks for replying!

    Yeh, I went through the forumposts on solidice (and a ton here on the dualboxing forums) to see if I can find something there and came across that post as well - I did give it a try with every combination I could think of for the command editor: 32-bit wow with the regular wow.exe, 32-bit wow with the wow64.exe, regular 64 bit client with both versions of the wow.exe, no change sadly

    a lot of old "maximizer won't maximze" posts end up being resolved with admin rights or compatibility modes but no success there either for me - then again, most of the posts are from windows XP and vista times, I'm suspecting it might be some windows 10 thing that just doesn't like the maximizer doing it's thing.

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    My DH is having issues here as well. I have worked around it by bringing in each window through the battle net signin page then adding the window to keyclone and right click to add it to the maximizer where it belongs. I'll be following to see if you come up with a solution as well. Love the Keyclone and would also hate to lose it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimGma View Post
    I'll be following to see if you come up with a solution as well. Love the Keyclone and would also hate to lose it.
    I don't think they're coming back to check, as this thread is over two years old.

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