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    Default Legion: What to do?

    So I am thinking about coming back to legion and rebuild my teams.

    But I am looking at the game and saying, once I level and gear up, whats next for a boxer?

    I have NOT run a Mythic but isn't it just the same dungeon run faster on a timer? That seems it might get old quick?

    What is motivating you guys to keep boxing wow right now?

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    Ok so, either I am asking a stupid question or all of the Wow boxers are on another hiatus maybe? Is 7.3 going to change that?

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    I don't think you're asking a stupid question.

    For me, I'm multi-boxing so that my guild can do content (even if it is old) because we don't have the resources to field a full 10man and no one wants to split and find another guild. So my goal is to get my team up and functioning so that we can do stuff together and have fun with my friends.

    But Legion is my 1st time multi-boxing so I'm having to learn everything and my progress is slow

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    It is sort of late in to a somewhat boring patch, so some people are on break. However I also think most people have seen similar threads pop up every few weeks and don't bother typing out similar replies to each one. I'm not trying to be mean, but we get a fair amount of threads where the question is essentially: "what should I do so I have fun?" and that is simply something no one can answer for someone else. Some people like grinding mythics at a higher and higher difficulty, some people don't. Some like farming gold, some do raids, some just do world quest, and some still PVP. It's down to personal preference.

    Personally I just enjoy slowly working on my team, getting upgrades where I can and tweaking things. Went up to 15 accounts a bit ago, so that has made things fresh as well for me.

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    To add to what Wubsie has said, it's impossible for any of us to tell you what you are going to like, and whether or not you're going to enjoy the end-game content in Legion. Every expansion, including the base game, has always had the same stuff to do:

    1) Dungeons
    2) Raids
    3) PvP

    At some point in the past you have probably enjoyed one or more of those activities in WoW or another MMORPG (end-game for all of the genre is practically the same), so this is likely going to be the same. Everyone has a different reason for multiboxing when they begin, and that can easily change once they reach end-game, but I always tell people to play the game with one character to see if they're going to enjoy it before jumping in with a full team.
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    Well, There's always farm gold, buy tokens with the gold and play the game without spending a dime out of your own pocket. Also tokens can be redeemed for $15.00 US on your Battlenet account as well. You could save that up to pay for the next Expac.

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    or just keep adding toons to your team to see how many you can box :S

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    Argus will be here in 1-2 weeks, and there's a lot of content there... especially if you enjoy world pvp.
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    1 or 2 weeks time ? The new patch I don't think so . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kojiiko View Post
    1 or 2 weeks time ? The new patch I don't think so . .
    3 weeks?

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