Just thought I'd throw this out there for those who dabble in RIFT here and there, but don't keep up with it in your downtime.

I saw this the other day, but with Trion's latest patch for RIFT (4.2), they added a few more souls to the Primalist, and have brought back the Planetouched Wilds and Primalist Calling packs for a limited time. After Trion removed these packs last year (?), the Primalist class and souls were then merged into another, more expensive pack, which, if you already had most of the souls from it, wasn't worth the money. However, with them temporarily reviving these Primalist specifc packs, they've also put them on sale.


The Primalist Calling pack is also looks to be available in their in-game store for 1507 Credits (1356 for Patrons), but it looks like the Planetouched Wilds pack is only available with real life currency. Both of these Primalist packs go away on August 31st.

In addition, Trion is offering a login bonus for another few days (until August 15th), and more details about all of this, including the packs mentioned above, can be found on this page.