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    Default So what to do with this group?

    Im starting to get more comfortable with my 6box group and looking down the road once Im 105. Currently Im only level 40 and my group consists of


    I figure that is the best possible setup given an all caster group. Warrior is ez-mode box tank with best cooldowns. Cleric is best healer. Druid nice backup healer to help when Im still under AAed and trying to gear up. Also Druid buffs my casters, debuffs mob resists even further, snares and ports. Enchanter for pulling, CC, debuffs, and buffing my casters. Will also use for insane charm DPS, if thats still a thing, once Im more comfortable. Mage for resist debuffs, Pet/Servant off tanking, DPS, and group summoning. Wizard for ez-mode DPS.

    So what exactly can I do with this group? How many old expansion raids can I do? I have been keeping track of what Rangers have been soloing (Frostcrypt, Ashengate, Crystallos, some Underfoot stuff) I figure since its soloable it must be easily 6 Boxed especially since I have a real tank and healer support. But what about more recent stuff like HoT, VoA, and RoF? Since Im on FV a lot of that gear still sells for a good bit of plat. Would be a nice way to get Kronos to keep my accounts subbed.

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    i've been running on the TLP Lately running WAR CLR ENC MAG WIZ BRD which is a very nice setup minus the lack of good snare, using wizard snare and bard snare at the moment.

    on Tunare my 105s are SK CLR ENC DRU MAG WIZ which is similar group to yours except the warrior/sk interaction. Your setup and my setup are great for everything into EoK. i just recently returning to my 105s, starting to get back the swing of things.

    i was looking to possible do a new group more Melee oriented, but still not sure even if i should. i have an urge to play MNK SHM BRD just not sure what else to play with that, and how far it will go. I have hard time giving up my CLR+ENC just becuase i've been using them so long.

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